Mass Censorship and Scentsation Aerial Tracking Technology


It’s Official: This Is Straight out of Orwell’s 1984…

Published on Aug 9, 2017

You can’t get a more literal interpretation. It’s 1984. Is anyone going to say anything? And if they do, will anyone hear us?  Truthstream Can Be Found Here

Mozilla Joins George Soros’ Efforts In Launching A Strike Against ‘Fake News’

By Aaron Kesel
Activist Post

Mozilla, the non-profit organization which runs the Firefox internet browser, said it was launching an effort against “fake news,” as fact-checking software backed by eBay founder Pierre Omidyar and George Soros got its first run-out in public, to shape our Orwellian nightmare of future truth arbiters.

UN Police Force About To Unconstitutionally Take Over U.S. Town After What Was Uncovered Overnight

In a shocking move, the United Nations is now using Charlottesville incident as a way to grab power in our country, and unconstitutionally take over one of our cities.

To put…

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Flying Lessons: from Cells to Soldiers – Pt 4

A huge topic

RadChick Radiation Research & Mitigation

Welcome to Part 4 of the long-awaited Nuked Radio Special on The Wigner Effect, with Leuren Moret and Laurens Battis. Over the next few weeks we will be posting a series of articles that will address the following question from a multitude of perspectives:

Is Fukushima Radiation causing problems with aviation and infrastructure?

Part 1 in the series introduced my guests, and gave an overall view of what the Wigner effect is, and how entropy figures in when we are discussing the escalation of flight emergencies and radiation, from an engineering and data collection standpoint.

Part 2 in the series addressed metal and glass – from nuclear reactors to aircraft – and the historic evidence of radiation-induced damage known in the field of materials science.

Part 3 in the series discussed the recent viral story about American Airlines flight 2293, whose cabin walls began ripping apart after takeoff…

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Diagnostic wine/peroxide test for biologics nanotechnology. I DID The Test


Update July 20.17

I did the spit test on July 20, 2017 around 6 p.m. The first 3 photos show what I expelled after rinsing my mouth vigorously for 5 minutes with a mixture of 1 tsp peroxide and 2 tsp red Merlot wine. I video taped pouring alcohol into the bowl, and will try to upload it to Youtube.

So there you have it! My body is being violated and contaminated by entities controlling this planet through GMO food, the air we breathe, and water we drink, all contaminated with chemical trails discharged from planes day and night world-wide.

Any suggestions about where we go ‘collectively from here? Doreen

Rinse your mouth after the test … explained below

About 45 minutes after the spit test I took the following photos

A drink of wine expelled into a clean bowl. As you can see nano fibers were still in my…

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Four (4) articles that indicate “Major (positive) Stuff is happening” (1 of 4)… Natural News 3-16-17… “President Trump to slash budgets of EPA, USDA and HHS … all corrupt agencies that betray America to corporate interests”

Kauilapele's Blog

I’m sure there are some out there who want to believe that nothing is happening… particularly, nothing positive for the planet is happening (“Damn Trumpites!”). But there are four pieces of data I received today which indicate that many positive things are taking place, in a variety of realms, on a variety of levels.

This Mike Adams report goes along with what I just posted here, about the EPA “Clean Water Act”.

“…the EPA functions as an extension of the chemical pesticide industry. The USDA is an extension of the biotech herbicide and GMO industry, and the FDA is really little more than an extension of the prescription drug cartels. Far from serving the interests of the people, these agencies have become “captive agencies” which are influenced and even dominated by corporate interests.

“Every dollar of taxpayer funds sent to the EPA is a dollar that’s used to…

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Talking to Trees

This is a primer on communicating with trees.  I have done it since I was a child and was surprised to find out that other children and adults don’t know they can do this.  It certainly helps to have a deep love of nature and to be out in nature whenever you can.  My early years involved most of my free time being in the woods, gullies, rivers, lakes and the ocean.  I say this because it’s hard to just walk into the woods expecting to communicate when you are out of tune with nature.  There is an alchemical process of shifting your orientation away from televisions, computers and phones to the rhythm and essence of nature.  There are many ways to spend quality time in nature such as hiking, camping, taking a good book or journal and just sitting near a tree or gully. The more time you are in nature, the closer you feel to it.  It’s fun to explore every area you are in, to slow down and really observe what’s around you with all of your senses.  The more you slow down, the more you open up to experience.  This world has everyone doing everything so fast and furious.  We become disconnected from ourselves, each other and the world around us.Slowing down is a practice.

I am sure there are many ways to talk with trees and I will share mine.  Upon entering the woods, I send out my love and appreciation to all of it.  It is one system, in a sense, as every plant is connected by a vast root system throughout the woods or forest.  I set my intention to connect and communicate as I walk along my way.  For me, I am usually drawn to certain trees.  I approach the tree sending it my love and I usually hug or climb the tree.  It’s the contact that secures the communication. My first message is always love from my heart.  I often get an immediate response back.  I then go on to ask questions or listen.  The messages I receive are either in my heart or my mind.  Sometimes, I will stay with one tree but other times I will visit other trees along the way, knowing they are all connected.  Sending love to the trees has always been one of my favorite activities and most fulfilling.

Now all nature communicates.  The bird songs can lift your spirits and often send messages.  Sometimes when you sit quietly with an open heart, you will see a fairy.  They are everywhere but it takes a certain softening to open up to them.  They watch over every aspect of nature to support growth and balance.  When I was young, I saw fairies everywhere all the time. Now, I still see them but only after I soften and become still.  They love us to dance, sing, be silly and laugh because this raises the vibration of nature. You may feel prompted to dance or sing in nature; most assuredly the fairies are close! It is your choice whether to believe or not, to open yourself to the magic of nature but it can not be done through force.  Nature works through the heart, the frequency of love.  Nature heals our hearts.  I have received so much love and healing in nature.  It reminds us of who we truly are at our core.  You may think that what you do in the world is so important, but without your heart and your own essence, it is nothing.  The more you come from your heart, the more you are in touch with the rhythm of nature and of the universe.  Many of us have been misled.  It is time to come back to the truth.  Look around you! The world is so polluted, damaged.  The world is out of balance and so are we.  The illusion of greed, power, achievements is destroying the beauty and power of nature.  It is and has always been time to deeply connect with nature to restore, heal and balance ourselves and the world. NAMASTE!!!!


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The Treasures of the Earth

IMG_0013Everywhere I walk in nature there’s a treasure to behold.  Sometimes it’s a tree that grows sideways or trees that look like they are dancing.  The trees can look like a family gathered in the round.

I see the treasures of the earth everywhere I walk; maybe it’s the bushes that provide a home to birds, animals and bugs.  Everywhere I step can be a world of its own.  Just sit and look; you will see little worlds appear magically!

I could spend all day in the woods and gullies delighting in the magic there.  Each spot holds a special wonder the way it’s all arranged.  You see  nature has a plan for everything, a grand design to create beauty and life.  Each part of nature supports the other.  Each plant or tree or bumble bee supports the grand design. Nature knows harmony and beauty; she knows life and death.  The death in nature supports the life.  Nature is wise in all ways.  We are the ones who need to listen to nature, to flow in the grand design.  The treasures of the earth fill us with awe and wonder.  Please take care of nature before it’s gone forever.

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I am That, I am?

385906_10150373015754023_157719019022_8402619_1209232184_nI was walking the dogs this morning on a beautiful path through the woods.  I recalled a lucid dream I had many years ago.  In this dream, I was planting a flower.  All of a sudden, I could feel and sense that I was the flower, the dirt and the gardener.  It was such a wonderful feeling of oneness.  Every now and then my mind brings up that dream to help me rise above the duality of this world.  We are seeing so much polarity now in the world and it is very hard, if not impossible to see the oneness.  We have such corruption and scandal being exposed.  We have so much cruelty to nature and humanity going on.  Yet, when we go within, we find the oneness, the love and peace in our hearts.  We find the place of stillness.

Going into the woods can bring this too.  We see how nature exists in harmony.  We see how peace pervades the deep woods.  I wonder how we can all return to that sense of peace and harmony even when we are not in meditation or in the woods.  I look all around me and try to see the oneness.  Sometimes it is easy and sometimes it is impossible.  We change the outer world by changing our inner world.  And maybe it isn’t about rising above the duality.  Perhaps it is about embodiment of the duality.  We bring that sense of presence to whatever we encounter in the world; we own the judgements; we own the cruelty; we own it all and love it.  This world is going through a massive shift in cleansing us all to remember who we are beyond the illusion.  Many people are constantly distracted by what is going on and forget that there is even peace deep inside themselves.  I also do this.  It’s like there is a tornado of overstimulation around each of us, be it people, electronics. our own monkey minds and all of our inner conflicts.  This is what is manifesting in the world.  However, while this all going on, there is still a movement of positive change to bring more love, compassion, harmony, peace to the world by those who see the illusion for what it is.  May we all shift our inner consciousness to reflect a world that our hearts long to create. Namaste.

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