Do good and evil exist?

via Do good and evil exist?

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Global End Times Tuning Fork Meditation; Free Your Inner Child

via Global End Times Tuning Fork Meditation; Free Your Inner Child

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The Magic Doorway

The Magic doorway is just ahead.  Right through the trees you are led.  Into magic, into splendor, your eyes just open to all the wonder!

Trees that speak, leaves that shimmer! Everything is all a glimmer! Fairies all here and there! All God’s creatures everywhere!

Let your heart soar, right from the core! Walk right through that open door! Open your heart, your eyes and see what’s true! Nature will reveal it all to you! Open the door to the wonder here and there! Truly it is everywhere!

Fairies and devas all around.  Look at the branches, look at the ground! They bless you is all ways untold! Just be with them, let the magic unfold! They spark us with light divine! They bring us peace and joy Our hearts create this magic with a special way to see! Your heart sees the soul in all things.  It could be a tree or fairy rings! The soul of the world is all around you when you know what is true! Go to the places that are wild and free! Go ahead and hug a tree!

Inside you is a seed of all you’ve ever been and all you’ll come to be! It’s inside of you and it’s inside of me! This seed is different from other seeds, you see.  It doesn’t quite grow a tree.  But it grows into who you came here to be! You must care for this seed by looking within. Go into the silence, that’s how you begin.  Hear it whisper; find out what makes your heart flitter.  This seed inside you will surely grow when you allow your true self to flow.  Into this life, into this space and the world becomes a magical place!



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Saving the Planet

385906_10150373015754023_157719019022_8402619_1209232184_nSaving the PlanetI I have always been in love with nature.  My earliest memories are filled with gullies, the lake, ocean , woods.  They were all my playground.  In 2010, I moved to Wilmington, North Carolina where the adjective “lush” was born.  Beautiful tree lined streets and roads were everywhere.  It seemed like nature found her way into every nook and  cranny available.  I was so in love.  Fast forward to 2018.  Wilmington has been raped and pillaged by insensitive developers who seem to have no concern for the impact on the local environment.  Over the past 8 years, I have watched such a beautiful city lose so many ecosystems as developers prefer their plan to working around what is already here.  They have torn up vast woods in so many places that I have lost count.  I have cried many tears over the devastation I have witnessed-tears for the wildlife that has been killed or misplaced, tears for the wild spaces that made this city so beautiful.  It is hard to drive anywhere without seeing the sad impact.

I was just reading Pat Conroy’s book, The Prince of Tides and the section about his brother, Luke, really spoke to me.  In this story, developers buy up all the land and islands in their home area for some nuclear development site.  The whole town is dismantled and all of its citizens are moving out of the area.  The main character’s brother just happened to have been a Navy Seal and decides to try to save their birthplace by using his military skills to prevent the development.  He goes to great lengths to stop the development and does gain support from interested parties but unfortunately he is taken down by a sniper.  I cried after this passage as I realize that it often seems there is little we can do.  I have been a staunch advocate for the environment since I can remember.  Oh, the letters I have written, the political individuals and agencies I have spoken to!  I have gone on marches and talked to as many people as possible to gain the momentum to make change.  I have sewn hundreds of cloth bags and given them out in multiple stores in hopes of convincing people to stop using plastic.  I guess where I am going  with this is that it sometimes feels that all of the people who  have done what I have done may feel that we haven’t made much of an impact.

Years ago, I had a past life regression that took me back to a lifetime where I was an oracle in Delphi meaning that I could make prophecy by seeing into the future.  The most important message I received from that lifetime was the sense of the strong pulse of the earth beneath me where I sat.  I immediately started sobbing because of the beauty and the power of that pulse.  That was the purpose of the regression for me, to remind me that the earth’s energy used to be so strong and now, with all the pollution, raping and pillaging of the planet, the pulse has been weakened and only we can change that by taking positive action in multiple directions.  I pray that everyone who reads this feels the call to take action.  Thank you for listening. Namaste.

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Recent thoughts about MK Ultra and the Mental Health Field


I have done a fair amount of research into the MK Ultra programming which has brought on much contemplation regarding clients that I used to see over the years.  There was one teen age girl in particular that prompted my contemplation.  She was referred to the clinic I worked in by the Department of Social Services as she had been taken into foster care after reporting that her father had sexually abused her for years since she was quite young.  It was a sensational case due to her family’s celebrity status.  I was told to simply provide a safe place for her as the legalities were quite challenging.  The father denied the claim and stated she had been influenced by chat groups on the internet.  At any rate, the girl was close mouthed as she had been with a previous therapist and was angry that she couldn’t see that therapist anymore.  At some point, the parents wielded the power to have her taken to a psychiatrist in Atlanta where she allegedly stated that she made it all up because she was angry with her father.  She was then shipped to a private psychiatric residential program and the story ended as far as I knew.

Recently, I was researching how many celebrities were involved with MK Ultra and noticed some possible connections to this family.  I started contemplating how it was entirely possible that this teenager was speaking the truth to the Department of Social Services and that her parents wielded enough legal power to have her taken to this independent psychiatrist in another state.  The mere fact that they took her to another state had always prompted questioning on my part as our state had numerous well known psychiatrists capable of helping this girl.  However, with the MK Ultra programs there are specific doctors who are directly involved and my hunch is that they took her to this person out of state for the purpose of reprogramming her and sending her for extensive treatment.

It is hard to believe that many of the individuals who are in the mental health system are placated and drugged into complacency for trauma inflicted on them purposefully and the education of the therapists and doctors is woefully inadequate to diagnose and treat such complicated cases.  They are thrown in to a mix of diagnoses that result in them being further victimized.  I realize, that even with all the research I have done, that it is extremely challenging to diagnose and treat MK Ultra due to the elaborate programming involved.  Watching the videos that can only skim the surface of what is done to install this programming is beyond what many of us can fathom.  I can only hope that we can start to more clearly understand and treat this programming in a way that is safe and effective for its victims.  I appreciate all additional education on this matter.  I believe it is essential for the healing of so many.

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EXCLUSIVE MIND BLOWING Interview W/ Judy Byington Satanic Ritual Abuse

An important talk about what is going on.

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Mass Censorship and Scentsation Aerial Tracking Technology

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