311795_10150446939473185_64655903184_10152486_433313131_n   Dreams can be quite revealing and helpful.  I thankfully have had a couple of nights of dreams that give me a greater understanding of what’s going on in my psyche.  Two nights ago, I had a dream that was showing me the early years of my life, of how helpful and kind I was to family and friends.  There was a woman standing next to me in the dream and she said.”angel wings”.  I hardly noticed her being there or saying it.  The dream then went to where I was in a room applying for a job or study, not quite sure, and she was there again with angel wings on the table and she said, ” angel wings”.  I had never thought about my life that way and I am intuiting that this is the same scenario for most of us- that every loving, kind thing we do for others is somehow assisting us in our journey more than we know.  It is heartening to understand that each of us makes a difference with every person we are with as we are all part of the immense web of life that weaves itself in magnificent ways.  We get caught up in the smallness of who we are or what is going on and forget to look at it from a higher perspective.  We can tend to think we are doing so little in the world and dreams can be reminders that every kind loving act is important in and of itself, creating a beautiful ripple in the world.

Last night my dream was about a house I once lived in.  I remember, that when I moved in, I did a Perelandra process with the intention that this house would be a sanctuary of peace and harmony.  I remember how often people would comment on how wonderful they felt when they came to our house.  Over time, I forgot that I did this process.  I used the other processes as well when disruption occurred in the home, etc..  The dream involved people coming to the house.  I was serving them drinks and they were commenting on the current news and wasn’t I upset about this and that?  I saw myself responding that, while I am aware of what is going on in the world, I choose my home to be a sanctuary of peace and harmony.  I think  it is helpful for all of us to consider having our home be a sanctuary where there is the essence of peace and harmony.  It was a good reminder for me about what to allow in my home.  Blessings to all of us!


About pamster55

I have meditated since age 11 and have loved everything about nature since very young. I was a licensed clinical social worker for 27 years working with children, adolescents, adults, students, families and couples. I maintain a small private practice now. I am very committed to the environment and using my education and experience to make this world a better place. I love reading and writing, sewing, knitting, drawing and painting. Creativity and nature are my passions.
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2 Responses to Dreams

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  2. JoAnne says:

    Good reminders!

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