Power Spots


I first became aware of power spots when I was very young and would go into a gully to play and just sit with nature.  I could feel the magical energy of the place just hold me and nurture me.  It was always like time stopped and the air, water, earth and sky were filled with magic, serenity, peace.  Later on, I started to notice places that just seemed to feel good to me.  Hiking in the Catskills and Adirondacks revealed a presence that just engulfed me and was always so loving.  Years later, I went to an ashram for the first time and, as soon as I stepped foot on the grounds, there was that beautiful feeling again!  This time it seemed to be created by all the meditation and chanting taking place.  It showed me that we too can create power places by our actions.

It seems that some power places emit different frequencies as well.  One year I hiked all the vortex trails in Sedona on my birthday.  Hard to believe but the energy was more uplifting and electrifying that I simply couldn’t stop going from one to the next.  I felt something similar when I first stepped off a plane in Tucson, Arizona.  It was amazing how energized I felt.  It also felt like coming home which is another feature of power spots.  The energy in Glastonbury was strongly connected to my heart as I felt such love and peace while there.  It was very palpable everywhere I went.  Of course, I had spent 5 lifetimes in Glastonbury so there were numerous experiences of remembering accompanied by visions.  Hawaii is such a gentle power spot.  I am so grateful for all the experiences that have taught me the power, love and beauty of the land.  It’s also wonderful to know that we can create it for ourselves through our loving actions, meditation and chanting.


About pamster55

I have meditated since age 11 and have loved everything about nature since very young. I was a licensed clinical social worker for 27 years working with children, adolescents, adults, students, families and couples. I maintain a small private practice now. I am very committed to the environment and using my education and experience to make this world a better place. I love reading and writing, sewing, knitting, drawing and painting. Creativity and nature are my passions.
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5 Responses to Power Spots

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  2. JoAnne says:

    I enjoyed reading this post. Your photo looks like the park where I try to go for my birthday each year.;) Lots of power spots there. I have a feeling of coming home when I do creative things, like paint or pick up a vine and weave it into a circle.

  3. kim galpin says:

    The feeling of coming home is PRICELESS. I have felt it in many places but most of all in Arizona. And Keuka Lake!

  4. kim galpin says:

    The feeling of coming home is PRICELESS. I have felt it in many places but most of all in Arizona. And Keuka Lake! And now in Asheville…XO

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