They loved in a house floating in the air.  But to get there, they had to let go of every care.  The tended gardens in the clouds.  They hardly remembered their years on Earth as now their lives were filled with mirth.  It seemed like a dream, was it last year?  Time seemed to disappear.
They manifested easily and with glee as everything they thought about came to be.  Some created lands filled with birds, fish and snakes.  Others created gullies, mountains and lakes.
I manifest everything from A to Z.  It’s so much fun just to be.  Lots of heavens everywhere as each of us lives from our hearts. Miracles, miracles, everywhere.  Rivers, oceans, oh so clean. Air and ground as pure as can be.  no more chemicals, no more wars. Peace is now present all over the Earth.  Prosperity, peace, love and joy as we sing the praises of miracles.  God really has sent us as the light to shift all of Earth to a new height.  Celebrate, dance, be at peace.  No more worries, no more fears. No more sadness cause heaven is here.  no more trauma, no more pain because love is here to reign!

About pamster55

I have meditated since age 11 and have loved everything about nature since very young. I was a licensed clinical social worker for 27 years working with children, adolescents, adults, students, families and couples. I maintain a small private practice now. I am very committed to the environment and using my education and experience to make this world a better place. I love reading and writing, sewing, knitting, drawing and painting. Creativity and nature are my passions.
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