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Join The Vigil: Build a Massive Wave of Violet Flame to Bathe the Earth

Originally posted on OUR GREATER DESTINY:
You are invited to stand in your enormous Power. In 2016, the world needs the violet flame more than ever. To activate the Violet Flame requires our consent and interaction. Doreen ? Will You…

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LISA RENEE – Time Shift Blog – Gaslighting 101

Originally posted on Higher Density Blog:
? Lisa Renee ? LISA RENEE  –  Time Shift Blog   –   Gaslighting 101 * During annual August alignments of Leo, the planet undergoes what is called its Magnetic Peak cycle which generally transpires…

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Washing away our layers – Energy Update

​ I asked the guides to explain to me the energies and what people are going through in a way that makes sense to me. What they showed me was an ornate sand castle on the beach. Waves upon waves…

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