I am That, I am?

385906_10150373015754023_157719019022_8402619_1209232184_nI was walking the dogs this morning on a beautiful path through the woods.  I recalled a lucid dream I had many years ago.  In this dream, I was planting a flower.  All of a sudden, I could feel and sense that I was the flower, the dirt and the gardener.  It was such a wonderful feeling of oneness.  Every now and then my mind brings up that dream to help me rise above the duality of this world.  We are seeing so much polarity now in the world and it is very hard, if not impossible to see the oneness.  We have such corruption and scandal being exposed.  We have so much cruelty to nature and humanity going on.  Yet, when we go within, we find the oneness, the love and peace in our hearts.  We find the place of stillness.

Going into the woods can bring this too.  We see how nature exists in harmony.  We see how peace pervades the deep woods.  I wonder how we can all return to that sense of peace and harmony even when we are not in meditation or in the woods.  I look all around me and try to see the oneness.  Sometimes it is easy and sometimes it is impossible.  We change the outer world by changing our inner world.  And maybe it isn’t about rising above the duality.  Perhaps it is about embodiment of the duality.  We bring that sense of presence to whatever we encounter in the world; we own the judgements; we own the cruelty; we own it all and love it.  This world is going through a massive shift in cleansing us all to remember who we are beyond the illusion.  Many people are constantly distracted by what is going on and forget that there is even peace deep inside themselves.  I also do this.  It’s like there is a tornado of overstimulation around each of us, be it people, electronics. our own monkey minds and all of our inner conflicts.  This is what is manifesting in the world.  However, while this all going on, there is still a movement of positive change to bring more love, compassion, harmony, peace to the world by those who see the illusion for what it is.  May we all shift our inner consciousness to reflect a world that our hearts long to create. Namaste.


About pamster55

I have meditated since age 11 and have loved everything about nature since very young. I was a licensed clinical social worker for 27 years working with children, adolescents, adults, students, families and couples. I maintain a small private practice now. I am very committed to the environment and using my education and experience to make this world a better place. I love reading and writing, sewing, knitting, drawing and painting. Creativity and nature are my passions.
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