I just started this stream of consciousness writing prompt and this week’s prompt is to write about something that starts with the letter,”P” so I came up with peonies.  How I love them!!! They are so beautiful when they flower and the smell is heavenly.  It was always one of the signs that summer was starting.  I would cut the new ones so carefully and bring them into the house. You had to make sure there were no ants on them as ants seem to be necessary for the blooming process.  The smell just fills the house and I have to say you it is a divine smell.  I find it intoxicating and just put my face in the flower breathing it in.  There are so many smells that I love and fill my spirit.  Peonies seem to rank right up there with Jasmine, Hyacinth, Lavender, Plumeria, Sandalwood, my favorite Blue Pearl Classic Champa incense.  I am very sensitive to smells and have always noticed their immediate influence on me.  I love the smells of the woods after it rains; the moisture brings out all of different tree smells and the old wood smells, the pine trees, and the moist earth.  I love the smell of puppies and babies.  I don’t know if they smell innocent or if we just associate their smell with innocence.  I love the smell of essential oils especially when I am cleaning with them.  And who can forget how wonderful fresh baked bread smells?  Nothing quite like it. I currently live near the ocean and the smell of the salt water is so cleansing and purifying.  I often go to the beach when I want to clear my mind and soul.  Just breathing in the air and listening to the surf seems to clear so much for me.  I wonder if other people get intoxicated by smells like I do.  I used to use a diffuser to put essential oils in the air in my home.  I watched to see if it made an impact on anyone. It seemed to mellow people out as far as I could tell.   Well, I believe I have completed my task for this writing prompt.  It was fun.

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Today is a good day to reflect on what is good in life.  I started camping in my early 20’s with my boyfriend.  We started out in a tent, which at the time, seemed wonderful.  I have always loved being in the woods and there is nothing quite like sitting at a campfire at night and waking up to the birds singing while surrounded by nature.  We eventually got married and decided to upgrade our camping environment.  We bought a very cute tiny trailer that had a bed and a bunk on top of it.  Whatever else was in the camper didn’t work but we had a comfortable place to sleep and a way to stay out of the rain.  One of the wonderful things about camping is that there are innumerable state and private campgrounds.  The state campgrounds tend to have a larger access to nature such as a lake or trails.  We lived in New York State where there are so many beautiful state parks.  People who camp are a very friendly bunch so you often made acquaintances with other campers, perhaps sharing a campfire and helping out where needed.  This is always an added bonus to camping.  Campers love being outside in nature and this is often the subject of conversations such as the last camping trip they had or what excellent trails they have found on the current trip.  My personal favorite part of camping are the trails.  There is such unique beauty on each trail.  There is always the wonderful smells of nature and the incredible feel of walking on old earth which is special in that it feels lighter than packed soil when you walk on it.

We eventually upgraded to a 28 foot travel trailer to accommodate a growing child who needed a real bed rather than a tiny bunk.  This afforded us indoor cooking for salads and other foods not cooked on the grill.  We also had a shower, heating and air conditioning which seemed like luxuries.  We could play games or read inside when it rained which always makes camping better than trying to stay dry in a tent.  Our maiden voyage took us to a campground in North Carolina near the shore.  It was great fun going to the Piggly Wiggly and dollar store to get the necessary supplies to eat and dine with.

My favorite camping area is, without a doubt, The  ADK or Adirondacks.  The trails are amazing and there is always a new trail to discover.  If you haven’t been to Old Forge, it is definitely worth the trip.  There are so many great trails for all abilities close the town.  In addition, the local hardware store is simply the most fascinating hardware store I have seen.  It has sections for practically anything you could ask for.  There is a book section with trail guides and reading material for almost any interest.  It is a cornucopia of delight.  The town also boasts a restaurant that serves the most fantastic breakfasts and is a local legend in that many famous people have dined there.  Long Lake is another great camping area which is a little more remote.  The town is famous for the bears that waltz into town and graze the garbage cans on a daily basis.  We had a couple of bears in our campground that we followed at some distance as they made their rounds through the garbage of the day.  They weren’t the least bit interested in us and proceeded through their daily routine and then exited into the woods.  The best part about the ADK is hiking the mountains. It might be a hefty workout to get to the top but the reward is out of this world.  Every view from the top is breathtaking and heavenly.  You truly  appreciate the miracles of nature from a mountaintop.  You would think going down the mountain would be a piece of cake but, darn, if you don’t get blisters from going downhill for a long time.

I think with all the chaos and craziness going on in our world these days that nature remains the best cure.  I hope that you have an opportunity to get out and explore the nature near you.



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Don’t You Think It’s Odd?

light-bodyDon’t you think it’s odd with so many brilliant scientists and engineers that we are having the environmental problems we are having?  Let’s start with fracking.  They didn’t know the chemicals and radioactive material they used in fracking would contaminate the soil and water supply?  Now I have been blessed to know many highly intelligent people in my life and I am reasonably certain these people knew the impact of the pollutants they were using.  How about the pipelines?  We have had so many pipeline disasters that it is reasonable to assume that this too was considered especially most of the patents for alternative clean energy mysteriously disappear.  We could have been driving highly efficient vehicles for many years now and running our homes on free energy with no need for contaminating the earth, water and soil with oil and chemicals.  Look at all the water supplies that have been contaminated over the years.  Not thinking that someone was completely aware of what was going on?  There simply has been too much pollution from the corporations to deny they did not know what they are doing.  The hard thing to accept is that it was done with a plan in mind.  What happens to all the people who have been exposed to the massive chemical pollution? They get sick and die. They can’t function or work; their lives fall apart.  There are so many areas on our country let alone the world where pollution has made life almost impossible to survive.  We have massive radioactive pollution that has not even made the evening news very often. I must admit  I have not watched the evening news in some time as it is not the truth, only brainwashing and fear mongering designed to separate us from each other and our power.   The powers that be are very explicit in how they sway and control the masses.  They distract with celebrity gossip and meaningless information that they portray as important, all the while covering up what they are doing right in front of all of us. The brave people at DAPL are standing up to a corporation so big and wealthy and they are doing it for all of us.  The earth has been raped and pillaged for so many years and it is now apparent we may not survive without divine intervention.  I encourage people to avoid the distractions and educate yourselves on how you have been lied to , manipulated and poisoned.  You know the story about the boiling frogs who are put in a pot of water that is slowly heated up until it is too hot to get out and they die?  Take a look at every river, ocean, landmass and show me a place that is unspoiled and untainted by corporations.

How do we take back our power to create an earth that is clean and pristine for us and our children? What can each of us do??  That is the question we need to ask.

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Corporate Media Admits 5 Years of Fukushima FAKE NEWS + Radioactive Plume Makes Landfall US West Coast

We need to stay on top of this situation as it affects all of us and the food that we eat!


The Corporate Media Called The Fukushima Nuclear Meltdown Coverup Fake News For Over 5 Years Before Finally Admitting The Truth

The corporate media called reports of a Fukushima Nuclear Meltdown in Japan “Fake News” for over five years before they finally admitted the truth after the disaster was no longer on the public’s radar. Even after admitting to the meltdown they continued their lies finally reporting that Fukushima seaborne radiation hit the U.S West Cost a little over a week ago.

Corporate Media Called Claims of Fukushima Coverup Fake News For Over 5 Years.Corporate Media Called Claims of Fukushima Coverup Fake News For Over 5 Years.

It’s Finally Here: Radioactive Plume From Fukushima Makes Landfall on America’s West Coast

With President Obama quietly signing the 2017 NDAA into law which codifies the spreading of “Fake News” as an offense punishable by treason for alternative media outlets that dare to counter the official U.S. government narrative echoed by corporate news monopoly the…

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Social Engineering and Mind Control

385906_10150373015754023_157719019022_8402619_1209232184_nThe other night, I was drifting off to sleep and had this huge awareness about social engineering and mind control.  Of course, I was unable to awaken as I was closer to sleep than awake.  At any rate, I could see the myriad of machinations used by the “Shadow Government” or whatever you wish to call the people behind the social engineering and mind control.  Some people would not use kind words.  This process has been going on for hundreds of years without the masses waking up and seeing it for what it is.  We are all subject to persuasion and manipulation.  We want to believe that our government and people in general want the best for each other.  I, myself, have been very gullible most of my life.  However, the evidence is there is you are curious enough to look for it.  I was curious but most of it has been greatly disturbing.   I will try to cover as much as I can in the writing but it is so big an issue that it may take quite a bit of time to commit it all to paper.  There are innumerable ways we are manipulated each and every day.  Television is probably the biggest source of mind control. The use of subliminal messages is rampant in movies, shows, and advertisements.  The curious can watch videos on You Tube about this subject.  People are trained to be passive, distracted, numbed out by television so that they aren’t aware of how they are losing all the rights and power.  They are fed information by the government and news stations that creates a certain reality that stimulates fear, powerlessness and that the government is staking care of them. They are fed through commercials to eat and drink foods and beverages that are filled with chemicals. They are led to choose certain activities over others.. They are shown how divided we are to create more chaos in our world.  Television and movies have become highly sexualized which influences our children.  People think Disney movies are family oriented but there are many themes in the Disney movies that are sexual and provocative.  You can spend hours researching all of this on You Tube to verify for yourself.  And, I personally believe everyone should be finding out the truth for themselves so they can take their power back.  One of the Batman movies had the character using new televisions for all the citizens and running mind control programming through it.  This is essentially what is going on and they throw it right in your face.  You might begin to ask, “Why would people do this?”.  I have to tell you that not everyone you see and meet is like you, kind, thoughtful, caring,etc.  There are individuals who have no conscience and are very driven by their own ambitions to control, dominate the masses and reduce the population.  There is so much information available but it has been  socially engineered as conspiracy theory and that those people are all crazy.  WRONG!   Again , the evidence is overwhelming if you take the time to look.  They are behind the wars; they create division to create war where a lot of money is spent on weapons and a lot of people are killed.  Families are broken and it erodes the society.  They are behind the whole drug culture and are the ones responsible for creating addicts which create broken families, crime, and trauma.  There is information out there about the CIA and Clinton family’s involvement in bringing drugs into this country. Why don’t you know about it?  Good question.  Could it be that the news you watch on television is only reporting what they want you to know?  YES.  If people really became aware of what was going on there would be a revolution, perhaps.  I think it might be impossible to truly understand individuals who are so demented and corrupt to think up all these ways to influence, poison and kill the masses.  I have worked with individuals with antisocial personality disorder and can assure you that they have no empathy, only their own agenda however revolting it is.

Let’s look at the pharmaceutical industry.  Many of the medications have horrendous side effects and yet a person will take them because their doctor says it’s okay.  This is a perfect example of “Sheeple”.  I know people who take medications to combat the side effect of other medications.  I know people on such a huge medication cocktail that they have lost touch with who they really are.  People want to believe the doctors know best but clearly this is not the case.  They are either in bed with the pharmaceutical industry or easily influenced by them and their incentives.  The psychiatric industry often creates more trouble than it helps.  Take a look at the side effects of the medications and you will see what I mean.  They create helpless zombies who believe they can only function with a new medication or increase in their dosages.  The cancer industry is another big money maker when there is evidence that shows that chemotherapy is more harmful than other options.  Just do your own research.  The whole subject of vaccines is terrifying to me. There is so much information available about the harmful even deadly ingredients in vaccines.  Yet, the commercials play the guilt card about them by having children saying,”did you know, Mom, Dad, that my disease could have been prevented by a vaccine?” I have to say that I almost get sick to my stomach when I see that commercial. the link between autism and vaccines is well known and now children are being given even more vaccines. It’s incredibly sad that everyone is so manipulated that they give in to the pressure.  And now, there is word that they are going to force vaccinations on everyone.

So you are beginning to see where this is going.  I will be addressing the education, religious and governmental systems as well.  I have to say that I have kept my mouth shut for so long mostly out of fear.  There comes a time when you simply can’t take another false flag or uneeded death or violence taking place.  I am grateful for meditation that calms me when I see how big this issue is and how controlled we all are.  I think the worst response it to go into madness because it will somehow fuel their agenda.  I am grateful to know that there are forces out there that understand the picture much more than I do and are working to amend all this.  More to come, bless you.

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Decembet 21, 2016, News

2012: What's the 'real' truth?

Apparently, my post last night wasn’t appreciated. I couldn’t get on my blog and while I could reach all sites, they were completely blank. Today, I hope I’ll fare somewhat better 🙂

There is so much news today, that I can’t keep track of it all’ however, I want to get this news out now — and I feel certain I will be back later 🙂 ~Jean



Wednesday, December 21 – Thursday, December 22, 2016


Third Quarter Moon Phase:  revise, realign

Moon in Libra

Aspect of the Aeon Sophia (Wisdom): Bhuvaneshvari, Goddess of Peace; Shodashi, Goddess of the Drums; Matangi, Goddess Who Purges Negativity; Chinnamasta, Goddess Who Expands the Mind; Kali, The Goddess of Time

Aspect of the Aeon Thelete (Will): Elias, God of the West

Skill:  hold the line

True Alignments:  see below


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Ascension Basics-Coming out of the closet


It’s funny how hard it is to write about a subject I have studied for so many years yet kept hidden to myself because of the “stigma” associated with the subject.  People like Jim Jones and others like him have distorted the image of ascension and made it seem like you were crazy to even consider the topic.  However,  I have come to the conclusion that it is actually the most sane subject and most sacred.  The other internal/external obstacle I encountered were all my years in the field of mental health where a subject like this was placed in the category of psychosis.  The blessing for me were the gifts I have received along the path of ascension.  I am most grateful for the gift of my years attending an ashram and engaging in spiritual practices and study.  There have been many teachers along the way, some false and some true, all of whom have taught me much.  This morning, I woke up and decided I didn’t want to keep it a secret anymore and that I am ready to come out of the spiritual closet.

I am only speaking from my level of understanding and experience, knowing full well there is much  more for me to learn and experience, however, I feel confident in what I have learned and experienced so that I may share that with those who are ready and open to the topic.  Ascension involves integrating your light body with your physical body, forming a deep connection with your “higher self”.  It involves purification of your lower bodies, your chakras, nadiis, your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self.  It involves allowing for a multidimensional existence that is your birthright.  Now this is a lot to undertake and integrate for anyone.  There are obstacles and openings to higher insights and wisdom all along the way.  Most of us have no idea of who we really are and walk around perceiving that the current reality is all there is.  I assume that this is not the case for anyone reading this so I will continue.  One of the best practices to integrate into one’s life is meditation as it allows the process to unfold on its own.  Meditation does so much for a person.  It cleanses the mind of psychic debris.  It does emotional cleansing and brings one to their own seat of the soul, their own guidance from the heart.  There are many types of meditation and I have always believed one simply finds the method that works best for them.  I started meditating at age 11 from a book by Rampa and moved on to Transcendental meditation in college followed by Siddha Yoga meditation several years later.  All of these forms of meditation were perfect for the time I practiced them.  They brought me in touch with a deep peace, a sense of connection to a wiser part of me.  This was the beginning of my understanding of ascension.

There are other aspects of ascension that are helpful to know.  This universe continues to evolve and there are many dimensions to the universe.  The evolution of the universe involves upgrades in consciousness which includes us.  These upgrades who some call cleansing or purification result in much of what we are seeing in our lives and the world around us.  We are all being “called” back to our divinity which is based on love of ourselves and each other.  Swami Muktananda had a saying-“See God in Each Other, See God in yourself”.  This is what we are being called to do in the world today.  As many of you can tell, there are those who are not able to demonstrate this.  However, they are all aspects of the creator.  One of my spiritual experiences took place soon after visiting the ashram for the first time.  I awoke or became aware in the middle of the night that my whole body was surging with electricity and, in my mind’s eye, I could see the electricity running through every cell and atom, all the nadiis of my body.  The most important part of this experience was the vision I had of a great central sun from which all these little suns were dropping down to earth, living and then returning to the great central sun. I knew without a doubt that this was a representation of all of us.  We are  not separate from one another despite of how we are certain we are.  This has been helpful to me to consider time and time again throughout my life.  What if everything you see and experience are simply projections of unhealed aspects of yourself?  What if you offered everyone including yourself unconditional love and compassion?  What would the result be?  I am pretty sure you would feel more of those feelings.  I believe this is a part of the journey we are on.  I can safely say that this choice provides challenges and growth that can sometimes seem overwhelming to bear.  This is why we need each other to help us work through the challenges.  I am happy to offer my services to others who may be challenged.  I will continue to write on this subject now that I have “come out”.  Blessings to you all.



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