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Floating They loved in a house floating in the air.  But to get there, they had to let go of every care.  The tended gardens in the clouds.  They hardly remembered their years on Earth as now their lives were … Continue reading

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She Thought She Saw a Fairy

She thought she saw a fairy on that little tree She thought she saw a fairy.  It filled her heart with glee. Was it a little bit of light and movement on the leaf and bark? Or was it that … Continue reading

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Power Spots

I first became aware of power spots when I was very young and would go into a gully to play and just sit with nature.  I could feel the magical energy of the place just hold me and nurture me.  … Continue reading

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Mother Earth is calling to Yo

Mother Earth is calling to you. And you really know exactly what to do! Turn off the tv, the cell phone too Connect with nature, with what is true! Touch a flower, feel the grass Climb a tree, watch a … Continue reading

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